Monday 28 June 2021

More Projects Finished

As I said, with the heat wave continuing, the only livable place in my house is my craft room, so I got more stuff done this weekend! I ended up finishing off those ATCs that I started and I am using them for the August crop for the Amy's Art Alchemy group. To start them I had used the left over glimmer paint I used for my flip flop ATCs and I added Ranger Enamel Accents to them to give them a pop of black. Then I got the idea to add die cuts and sayings from Art by Marlene to complete them, as the colours and images of her die cuts went great with the backgrounds I created. I absolutley LOVE how they came out!!

Then while working on these ATCs, I got assigned a partner for ANOTHER ATC swap, so I decided to make those as well! I had a couple ATCs that I had started the backgrounds for, so just added some text and images to them and BOOM - another swap in the bag!

I also got another set of ATCs done for a third swap I was in, but I can't finish them as they still need to dry and set. But they look pretty cute so far!

Since the heat wave isn't expected to be done any time soon, I figure I will get a bit more crafting done this week. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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