Saturday 26 June 2021

Treasured Memories Glamping Crop - Day One

Well I had a pretty good start to the crop weekend I have to say. I got a fair amount of stuff accomplished, so that is always a great way to start a crop! 

I started the crop, as I normally do, by doing the first make n take and the first challenge. The make n take was a cute little camper - and I stole ideas on how to do mine from some of the other girls in the crop.

Then for the first challenge I used a couple of the die cuts we got to make a cute little card that I will probably end up sending with one of my swaps.

Up next I did the last challenge of the night, which was to have a flame/fire inspired theme. I used the photos from our first camping trip of the year and one of the die cuts to do a layout about making my fire. I even made my own fire for the layout!!

My biggest thing this weekend that I had to do was finish off the grad album for my niece Taryn finished. I don't have that many pages left, but I also have to have it done before we go see her next weekend so the ones I had left were a must to do!! I figured I would use the make n take for day two of the crop and just modify it to do one of her layouts (I had ordered a second make n take kit so I could do just that!). I think it came out pretty great!

I love how this one came out - and I still have another kit left so that I can make myself one with more of my camping photos!

I finsihed up the day by putting together the rest of the die cuts that came with our goodie bag. I am planning to use them on more camping layouts, though not sure if that will be this weekend or once I get the rest of Taryn's book done.

No I am off to start day two! It is stupid hot still so I am planning on going swimming later, but I figured I would start off by doing a bit of crafting before I can go to the pool! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

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