Tuesday 29 April 2014

So one of my newest things I have gotten into with my scrapbooking is doing swaps. I found them first through a site called A Lil Scrap of Heaven that I was invited to by a new friend I made at our big annual crop here in High Level called The Big One.  Check out their site:  http://alilscrapofheaven.ning.com/.  I have done one swap so far with them - I haven't gotten mine yet from my partner as she is mailing it this week, but I sent her mine. I am also signed up for a few more and can't wait to get my partners. But here is my attempt at an altered CD - and I got to send it to a great lady in Georgia!

And then I hooked up to the great Scraps of Elegance and Scraps of Darkness site! Check them out - http://www.scrapsofdarkness.com/ScrapsOfElegance.html. When I joined them on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/scrapsofdarkness/) they had a butterfly swap that I joined. I sent mine off and my fabulous partner Maxine loved them - and then I got hers and they blew me away!  They are below (mine are the 4 smaller ones and hers are the ones with the "tails").

If you get a chance to participate in swaps you REALLY should, cause they are a blast to participate in and you get some really awesome stuff - and from all over the world. Two of my friends who have started getting into swaps have partners in Africa and Australia - I am jealous!!

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