Tuesday 30 August 2016

It is so nice to be able to get back to my craft room for longer now that my summer responsibilities are over! I am back to having a dozen projects on the go and loving it!

First, I did more work on my Greek Mythology project done. I have part one finished and I am now just working on the tags that go with it. I hope to have everything done so I can mail it out this week. Here are a couple more shots of the tags in process.

Then I started a layout that will either by for my September wall calendar or just because! I want to use a picture of the girls from our latest trip so I am using some of the new paper I got in my latest SOD kit. Liking it so far! Not sure where else I am gonna go from here but so far it is fun!

Then I decided to start a Shabby Chic canvas. I am in a swap that I have to do this theme so want to do an experiment for myself first! All I got done last night was painting it with Gesso, but at least I started - and I plan on using my Prima Alchemy paints so can't wait to see where this one goes!!

And then I did some more work on my latest journal page. I was feeling pretty down after how things turned out this weekend, so wanted to journal it. Really happy with how it is coming. I wish the black gesso would stay as shiny looking as in the first picture, but I have ideas on how to fix that. I have to say I am definitely happy with it so far. 

So I have to say I am feeling great with how crafty I am being this week. Want to get in as many posts on the blog as I can this month, so plan on spending more time in the craft room tonight! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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