Tuesday 7 January 2020

I was able to get most of my happy mail opened last night so thought I would share what I got! I got a couple of projects from the different swaps I had signed up for before the holidays. A couple of my partners were worried that their stuff hadn't arrived yet, but that was mostly due to me being away. Everything I got was so fun!

The first swap I got was from way back in October! It was a Halloween themed ATC swap and my partner was from Austrailia. She isn't affeted by the fires, but she said things are ok for them. She still hasn't gotten the ATC's I sent to her but she said she isn't worried. I really love the ones she made me!

My favourite extra she sent me is this cute little cat in a box. 
I had to make the box. It is super cute!!

I also got some tags from another swap. This time it was a Christmas theme swap and we each had to make each other 4 tags. They are all really cool.

The last swap that I got was another Christmas tag swap. This one turned out really cool too. And my partner gave me some really great extras to play with in future!

I also got a chance to open up the stuff I ordered - and I even did a video! But I will leave that for another post. So till then, stay crafty my peeps!

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