Wednesday 26 July 2017

Treasured Memories Canada Crop Weekend - Day 1

Well I had a VERY crafty weekend just past - I headed down to Edmonton for a Canada Themed crop at Treasured Memories and had an ABSOLUTE BALL!!! I thought I would do a couple posts about it so you can see how much fun I had!

I left on Thursday after work and as you can see, my car was jammed packed - as usual!

Then once I got to the city and did some visiting with my folks and other errands I got to the crop and the fun began! As usual they spoiled us with fun goodies and good food. Supper was amazing - homemade stuffed hamburgers. So yummy!!

Of course being a Canada Themed crop, we had to have our Moosie Mascots

And we had to take photos in our all Canadian attire!!

And then my lucky streak of the weekend began. The first contest of the night was to see who was the most Canadian Cropper - and I WON!! I answered yes to all the questions asked (i.e. Have you ever been screeched in and what is it?) and then beat out one other lady with the tie breaking trivia  questions. Yay me!!

And then I won one of the door prizes for Friday.

And amongst all that fun and frivolity, I actually got some work done. I started the pocket letter and flip book portions of the Triathlon swap I am in and I am pretty happy with how they came out. I can only post sneak peaks at the moment as I want to do a separate post when they are all done. But they are working out good so far!

All in all, a very successful first day! And when I was out doing some running around trying to find a place to print off a photo, I actually ran into an old friend from High Level. So cool. So till my next post, stay crafty my peeps!! 

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