Wednesday 26 December 2018

The rest of Boxing Day was so much fun! We started the day by watching Jefferey and Octavia while our son and daughter-in-law did some shopping. A nice lazy way to start the day.

Then we got to spend most of the rest of the day with our other grand children. It was so much fun getting to spend time with them - they were so excited to see us they LITERALLY launched themselves at us when they saw us! We had a great breakfast - man can those boys eat! - and then spent the afternoon at their place playing with the Nerf guns we got them.

I can't believe how much this kid can eat!!

And of course they have to be goofy!

They loved the guns - and even named them! Lucas called his DEADLY LUCAS
and Jacob called his DEADLY LONGARD (or DL for short!)

Sara loved her horse we got her - it is from her favourite show.

And she had to show us her favourite gift - a quad her parents got her. She LOVES it!!

And of course, their had to be a gun battle!!

Which even Sara got into!

It was an EPIC battle, as you can see here!

Of course, we wanted to get a couple nice pictures with the kids - 
even though they would prefer to just make faces in all of them
we did get some good ones.


I did manage to snag some photos of them in the jerseys I made them - all a bit big, but hey
they will grow into them and will eventually be MonDo Moose players!!

I even managed to get a pic of the little ones in their jerseys

Again, another FANTASTIC day with family. I am truly blessed! 
Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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