Monday, 3 February 2020

I really had a crafty weekend at home - helps when it is so snowy and cold out you don't want to leave your house!! The other project I finished is some Valentine Cards for a swap I was in. My original partner was not able to actually swap with me, but another gal in the group said she could so I ended up making her cards and sending them out to her today. I used one of the cards from the class I am going to do and then used the rest of the scrap paper from that card to make four more cards, and to decorate the bag I put them into. Here they all are.

I really enjoyed making these - loved playing with my new die cuts and this paper line that I forgot I even had! Great colours for a bit of a different take on Valentine cards. I hope my partner likes them. I also hope she gets them sooner than the last swap I sent to her (I sent it in November and she STILL doesn't have it yet!!). Anyway, I hope to spend more time in my craft room this week, so till next time - stay crafty my peeps!!!!

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