Wednesday 26 February 2020

Well considering I am all packed for a class and shouldn't have time to craft, I have been able to be more creative than I had planned! Of course it helps that my hockey team was losing and I didn't want to keep watching the game last night! LOL

I was inspired to do a gift for a friend by a painting class that a different friend is offering. I can't make the class, but really liked the painting and with my friend's birthday coming up I wanted to make her something. So this is what I came up with.

This is the inspiration painting, by my friend Mary (Beyond White Fine Arts)

I tried it first on a journal page - to make sure I could get something that looked ok

Since the journal page came out ok, I went for it and made the canvas.

I am really happy with how they both came out. For the backgrounds I had wood looking rice paper - I didn't paint them! The effect was EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

And since I was on a roll art journaling, I did my February prompt for the Art Journaling Challenge I signed up for with Mixed Up Creative Academy. This month's prompt was Music and the technique was using sprays that I already own so I loved learning a new way to use them. I couldn't do the technique quite the same way as the tutorial as the journal I am using has slightly different paper in it, but I think it came out pretty close to what she did in the tutorial.

Regardless of the technique, I was really happy with how the background looked. The other part of the page was to use song lyrics and I wanted to do something to honour my dad. There is a song out at the moment called "Even Though I'm Leaving" and every time I hear it I cry as it reminds me of my Dad - in a good way but I can't help but cry. I thought it would be theraputic to use the lyrics in my page. I had some trouble with the stencils I was using but I made it all work. And I didn't even cry when I put on the lyrics so I thought all in all it worked like I wanted. And now I have this tribute to my Dad in one of my journals! I really loved this month's prompt!

So not sure if I will get any more posts before my craft weekend, but I will definately post all about learning with the awesome Tracy Scott and the gang at Scrap Addicts. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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