Monday, 2 March 2020


I had a really fun crafty weekend in the city - with only one glitch when my car decided to die Friday morning on my way to the city!! But after getting it jumped I was all good and made it to the city just fine. 

My classes didn't start till Saturday, so I spent the afternoon and evening doing errands and visiting with my family and crafty pals. Had a blast!!

Then Saturday bright and early I started my class with the awesome Tracy Scott. It was a whole lot of fun and we got inky and painty and I had an absolute blast.  I really love the pages we created. I have to do some more pen work to finish it up but I am thrilled with how they came out.

Started with several clean pages in my journal

The next step was to cut out the pages as needed and created masks for the stamps I was going to use. And then after that was all the painting! Super fun - such amazing colour choices.

Then we stamped/masked!!
Tracy was explaining to us what we had to do so I had to take a video!

I decided to make each page slightly different. We had a great range of stamps to choose from.

Once all the pages were stamped, I decided to add my masks to the first page.

The last stage was the pen work - adding the white. I didn't finish as I was running out of time. As well, I want to wait till I get my new Posco Paint Pens to finish up as I need a finer tipped one than what I have at the moment. But this will be a nice project to work on while I sit and watch TV!

Tracy was really fun and a great teacher! I am so glad I took this class and got to hang out with so many of my crafty peeps that I don't see that often.

It wouldn't be a trip to the city without spending quality time with my family. My mom and her friend Gwen had a really nice breakfast before I had to head home. It was a really fun - but fast weekend. I can't wait till I get home to play with all my new goodies too! So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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