Sunday, 29 March 2020


The other project I finished is actually one of the items I just got from Scrap Addicts on Friday! I ordered a gnome from them that I decided to do up Steampunk style. He was so cute even before I did anything to him, but I love how he came out.

This is what he looked like when he arrived - super cute but needed some colour!

So the first step was to paint him - I chose black and copper/gold for my base.
He is gonna be Steampunk after all.

Then once he was dry I added some copper sparkle to it.

After that, I added just a few drops of teal - though it doesn't show as well in the photo.

This is what he looked like when painted. Again cute but needed more.

So I added paper, some more paint splatters, and some bling to get 
him Steampunked out in style!!

I decided his name is GEORGE!!

I have lots more I am working on today - I am doing more on my Steampunk Sea tags, but you will have to wait to see those as I want to do a whole post on them when I have them finished. My first project today is going to be for the online crop from yesterday - and yes I am behind! LOL. I had an idea in mind all day yesterday, but I needed till today to get it going. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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