Friday, 20 March 2020

Last night I decided that I wanted TV/couch therapy instead of art therapy, so I didn't make it down to my craft room. But I DID get some happy mail! I am absolutley in LOVE with Vicky Papaioannou - especially her art journal pages. I have done so many of them because not only are they gorgeous and her tutorials as SO easy to follow, but because I tend to have the same products she does. On the odd occasion that I DON'T have a product she has, if I like it I tend to buy it. This was the case with my latest purchase. She was using these AMAZING foam stamps that I was able to find on - I just HAD to get them. They came yesterday and I cannot wait to try them all out.

I plan on doing the journal page that Vicky used them on, as well as trying out the Geli Plate technique she used to create some prints that I can use for another journal page tutorial that I have from my Mixed Up Creative Academy courses. I will likely be spending the majority of my weekend in my craft room, as besides finishing up some journal pages I have couple swaps to get done. So till then, stay crafty my peeps. And stay home and safe!!

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