Saturday, 14 March 2020


Spent last night doing one of the last paint nights (for the forseeable future) with my friend Mary. She has been doing them regularly at Traditions for the last 3 years and has decided to move on and do some other things. She will likely do pop up ones in the future, but for now Friday's was the last one. So I had to make sure I was there - mind you as soon as I saw it was a lighthouse I signed up as I loved the look of the painting. And I went with my other pal Tanya so it was bound to be a fun night!

Started off with the sky, which I loved right away.

Then did my rocks, which I didn't like until Mary helped me fix them!

Then did the clouds - again not liking them to start with, but I loved them in the end.

And then I painted a lighthouse! It is a bit wonky, but it is all me!!

It was a great group of ladies for sure.

We really had fun - it was a nice break from all the stress of life at the moment. And since this Coronavirus seems to making the world come to an end I plan on spending the rest of the weekend crafting in my basement. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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