Sunday, 29 March 2020


So as I said yesterday, I was hoping to finish some projects and if I did I was going to post them in separate posts. I was actually successful and got TWO different projects finished. I figured I would share them today before I get back to other projects. The first I am calling my fairy canvas - I started it awhile ago and was able to finish it this weekend. It turned out mostly how I envisioned it. Here are photos of it right from the first step.

The first thing I did was add the rice paper over clay on the canvas to give it shape.

You can kinda see the dimension in this picture!

Next, I added paint - I used a copper cause I wanted it to be vintage in feel.

The next stage was to add more colour and accents. Was not exactly what I had envisioned when I started, but I am happy with how it is coming out. I then added colour the wings I wanted to add, but of course I forgot to take pictures of that process. The final step was to add the wings and other flowers and ephemera that I wanted to finish the canvas. Here are some close up photos as well as photos of the finished canvas.

I am quite happy with the end result - like I said, not exactly how I envisioned it but love it just the same. I finished another project late last night too so will post about that one in a separate post. Till then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps.

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