Monday 26 September 2016

So I made it home in one piece! Completely exhausted though - didn't even unpack when I got home last night!!  I still have to take better photos of the projects I worked on, but here are some pics from my weekend so you can get at least an idea of how much fun I had!

The adventure started when I met up in Leduc with my BFF Cathy and we headed to Airdrie - we stayed with my son and his family! So I got to have a blast travelling with my buddy and got baby cuddles when we arrived.

Our first day at Carnival was on Friday, and we actually found the venue with absolutely no issues at all. Really a surprise as driving in the city is not my thing - especially Calgary as I have never done it before. We were even early and got to visit people and got lots of comments on out SUPER HERO costumes. We were Captain Embellishment and We R Memory Keepers Woman. Yes, we are crazy! LOL

Then spent the first bit after we got in going through our goodie bags. It is unbelievable how much they spoil us. I liked this years bag even better than last years. I am even keeping all of it too - last year I ended up donating some as prizes. Not this year - IT IS ALL MINE!!

Spent a fair amount of time gabbing/visiting and shopping, but did get some stuff done. I did a make and take that was so cool. I even ended up putting it on my layout!

As well as my layout I ended up doing a couple more pages. I want to take better pics, so will post those tomorrow. 

My pal Cathy did a layout of me though and I have to share it. She blows me away with how awesome her layouts are. I think she got 11 done through the weekend. She is a rock star!!

Then we had day two! Again, we got to the venue with no problems - other than having a small problem getting in! That was easily fixed though and then we were off to the class we signed up for.

The class was AMAZING and I totally loved my finished canvas. I really love how when you do a mixed media class that even though the teacher is showing you all the same way to do it, everyone's ends up looking different. So cool.

We finished the weekend off by having a great meal in the city - where we met up with our fab pal Tricia. And then on Sunday my hubby and I went and got in a swim at the Coronation Pool - well that was what it was called 25 years ago when I used to go there! I forgot how much I love that pool. Great way to start our last day in the city!

And my hubby had fun too at his Comic Expo - and he got me a gift. Bought me a doll of my boyfriend! Lucky me!!

It was a real whirlwind, but totally had a blast! Now I have to go through all my stuff and sort out my purchases and goodie bag stuff from the donations I got for the library crop. And I have to start packing for the crop I am going to this weekend! And I will take better pics of my projects from the weekend and post those soon too.

Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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