Monday, 9 December 2019

Well my trip home took is going to take a bit longer than planned! I had a great visit with my family yesterday, which I am going to start with (but the trip home today was not what I had planned! )

I went for a really nice supper with my family after the crop. The food was good - though the service was not the best. Still had a great time.

The best part though is that I was able to help with the tree decorating! We had a blast.

So my normal routine after a crop is to head home on the Monday. Well the weather was not up for that plan and the drive home was not fun. I ended up staying with my pals Donna and Wendy rather than drive all the way home. But it was fun as we exchanged some Christmas gifts and had a nice visit. The train is what Donna made me and the gumball machine is what Wendy made for me!

My friends also know me really well. They saw this cute moose at the drugstore in Grimshaw and had to pick it up for me. I think it is my favourite new Christmas decoration.

So tomorrow I am hoping the roads will be better, but even if not it will at least be daytime which should make the trip no too bad. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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