Monday, 17 October 2016

In what is likely a first for me at an event like the library crop - especially when I am an organizer - I actually got a project of my own completed. Without following a kit or staying up all hours of the night!! I was pretty impressed with myself I have to say.

One of the gals who came to the crop brought all these old poster board/press board signs that the health region used to have up all over the county. Since they don't have the correct name on them they can't be used anymore but Treena didn't want to throw them out. So anyone who wanted one could have them to do what they wanted. This is what they looked like originally.

I started altering mine by painting it with black gesso and while the gesso was wet I added the left over tissue paper from my class!

Then in the morning once it was all dry, I added all the embellishments and the photo I wanted to use.

I love the quote on this plate - thought it went well with the picture too.

And I called the canvas Happy Trails as the picture was from a recent walk we did with our dogs out on the trails out at Footner Lake.

I am really happy with the end result. I used sculpture medium on the burlap on the bottom so have some cool texture and lift to the project. And I am really surprised that I had enough time to get a project of my own completed during all the madness of the crop.

Treena finished the board she started as well.

Overall, was a really fun project. I cannot wait to see what some of the other ladies who took the boards end up doing to them! Until my next post, stay crafty my peeps!

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