Monday, 3 October 2016

OMG - what a way to start the month!! I had an absolute BLAST at my scrapbooking crop this weekend. Between all the fun times, great food and fantastic company it was so much fun. And I even got some stuff made! I haven't had time to take pics of my projects yet, but here are some photos of just some of the fun that was had!

So I got all packed and when I was getting my breakfast and grabbing a drink, I ended up with the perfect description for the day - and totally by accident. Didn't even realize what it said till after I had bought it!

After work we headed out and arrived just a bit after the festivities had started. Had a really great visit on the way down with my travelling companions and fellow Pokemon Go players. We had a great time.

Then as well as getting a bunch of crafting done, I won a bunch of prizes!! I cleaned up I have to say!!

This prize was from the brown bag auction - it was not really a surprise that I won all three of these - this is the only bag I put my tickets in. Hahaha

The girls I was hanging with were so much fun. And we even had matching shirts to wear on the Saturday. We looked awesome, if I do say so myself! LOL

And I swear, we really did get quite a lot of crafting done - we really did, I swear!!

And one of my other favourite parts of the weekend was that my two car pool buddies - Shawnalee and Evelyn - are also Pokemon hunters! On the Saturday we decided about 12:30 am that we were tired and were going to head back to the hotel. But did we? No - we went Pokemon hunting till almost 2 am!! And then on the drive home we did more. So much fun and laughter my sides were sore!!

It really was one of my favourite crop weekends ever. Right up there with the fantastic time I had at carnival the week before!! I will definitely be taking pics of my projects and posting them soon. Till then, stay crafty my peeps!

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