Sunday 5 March 2017

My other project that I worked on the weekend was week 2 of IW2017. I really struggled with this one - because it was painting a still life and not only is that not in my comfort zone it is obviously totally out of my skill range. I did a test run on some basic journal paper cause I did not want to wreck my IW journal with a total screw up. And it is really a good thing I did that because my trial run was a complete failure. Even by following Donna's video exactly, I still only ended up with a complete hot mess that looked like complete crap! So instead of trying to do a still life in my journal I went in a totally different direction. I used a stencil for the base and then did some glazing and shading until I got a page I was happy with. I am sure I could keep playing with it but I decided to just stop and move on. Turn the page as my other crafty pals say. Here is my completed week two.

So the rest of my weekend is going to be spent putting away all my stuff from the last two weeks and then hanging with my hubby. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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