Sunday 9 April 2017

So I had a VERY crafty weekend! We had another small library crop this weekend. It was a very small group, but we had a lot of fun!!

I decided that I wanted to spend the weekend trying to get caught up on the ArtMarks 30 Day Challenge - Part 2. It started on April 1st and I had only had a chance to do week 2. I was VERY productive and got 5 different pages done, and two more pages started. Had a ball with them. Check out what I have done so far:

Day 1 - Clustered

Day 2 - Repeating

Day 3 - Layered

Day 4 - Stacked

Day 5 - Round

Day 6 - Black and White

I got Day 7 and 8 prepped as well and I have ideas on the next few pages. Not sure I will have time to do much more this week as I have to get ready to go to the city this weekend for Easter and my Mom's 75th birthday party.

I have more stuff from the weekend to post, but I have to get some things organized before I can post,  so till then - stay crafty my peeps

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