Sunday 27 August 2017

PMS Crop - High Level Version

So the library had our first (of many more I hope) PMS Crop - Pizza, Margaritas and Scrapbooking!! I got the idea from the great gang at Treasured Memories in Edmonton. KC (one of the owners) thought it was great I doing it up here and she even gave me a Gift Certificate for a prize. We didn't have a huge turn out, but for the summer months and with all the other stuff going on around town I think we did pretty good. We had 9 ladies show up and we really had fun. As usual, I packed way more than I needed. The good thing is that the arena is only like 5 minutes away so I could go home whenever I needed to for supplies and to take things home!

My great pal Dawn from La Crete made it out and we had to pose in the aprons that I made for everyone.

And then it was time to do some crafting. My first thing was to finish the IW journal page that I had started earlier in the week. I had an issue with the letters - the Prima letters and foil I was using didn't work the way I had hoped. I was upset to start, but then found a great pen in my bag and was able to fix it - and liked the end results even better than what the foil letters looked like. I really loved this week's lesson!!

Once I got this page done, the ladies were all telling me it was time to break out the Margaritas! How could I say no to that?! Amanda made them and everyone thought they were yummy. And a great way to spend a day!!

And then I started prepping all the ATC's that I wanted to start. I gessoed them all first, and then started adding other stuff to them.

I even used one of the baby wipes I had used to clean up the paint from the IW project as the background for a couple of the ATC's.

The only tag I finished last night was this one - all the rest had to dry so I ended up moving on to another project while they dried. I will likely do more to it, but I do like it the way it is too so we will see!

So since I had to wait for all the ATC's to dry, I moved on to another project. I had this great tutorial from Vicky P. on YouTube I wanted to try and I got it mostly done.

It was a really great way to spend the day and a really great group of ladies to spend the day with. We had so much fun and many laughs!! And I even won the prize I got from Scrappy Apple - yay me!!

So I hope you all had as fun a weekend as I did! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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