Tuesday, 22 August 2017

So it was another weekend of no crafting, but of nice relaxing camping. Got it several rounds of golf, lots of walks and hanging out with my hubby and the dogs. Here are some pics from this weekends adventures!

Our dogs were our caddies while we golfed. They really love riding in golf carts. I was impressed with how well behaved they were! 

And Zoey was always searching for squirrels so was always looking out the front of the cart 

My favourite part was hanging by the camp fire

Of course Moose's favourite part was hanging by the campfire with me - sleeping on my feet actually.

And Zoey had to follow suit. Right after I took this pic Doug got up to feed the fire and Zoey stole his chair! He had to get himself another one as she didn't want to share anymore

Having a three day weekend was really relaxing! I am hoping to get back into my craft room this week - I have a design team project to start and I have to start packing for the PMS Crop I am hosting this weekend (Pizza, Margaritas and Scrapbooking!) So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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