Sunday 29 September 2019


So day three was mostly time to wind down and just do a little bit of last minute crafting and visiting. I didn't really get anything done, just worked on a couple things to get them started. 

In progress pieces

And the rest of my tags for my swap

And even though I didn't win it, I love how the puzzle board came out!

This is my piece just so you can see what I did - I love how everyone's is different!!

And then of course it was time to pack up and go home. Another successful craft weekend in the books. Paula posted pics when she got home of two of the layouts she worked on. I totallly love them so have to share!

And when I got home and unpacked, I just couln't stop crafting!! I finished one of the make n takes from Calgary Carnival that I didn't have time to do when I was there.

It was a great weekend, and I did get some better photos take of my tag swaps items, so will do a separate post on them. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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