Sunday, 1 May 2016

Day two of the Dyan Reaveley classes was just as - if not more - amazing than yesterday!!! Dyan is just one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from and she just made the whole weekend an absolute blast from start to finish!!!

I just cannot get over what a genuinely lovely woman Dyan is - so easy to talk to and so full of wonderful creativity that she so willingly shares with all of us fans!

So day two started with a mostly different bunch to sit with - but a really great group. Everyone was so excited to start learning more.

Not quite as full as yesterday but everyone still raring to go.

So we started the day with a recap of yesterdays techniques, so of course my hands ended up all inky again. So loved that - a sign of a great crafting weekend is crazy coloured hands!!!

Then Dyan taught us that we all can draw! Who knew?! So fun, as was doing all the stamping on the page. I learned all kinds of really cool new ways to stamp and decorate a page. Cannot wait to try this in my journals.

We also learned how to use masks when we stamped so that we could do a layered look.

And we used shapes to give another totally different look to a page.

Then in the afternoon's class we learned how to make all kinds of extras, like hidden pockets, regular pockets and cutting into our pages/journals to insert tags in tons of different ways. And I was having so much fun I forgot to take pics. But I had several pages from this class that I have to do more to so I will take more photos later and add into a separate blog post.

But I think there are a couple of things that were my favourite parts of the day. The first was seeing that Dyan shared my blog post that I posted to Facebook! So cool. 

Then, myself and others in the group I was sitting with gave her a suggestion for a Ranger product and she said if she does end up doing it, she is going to give us credit. Now how cool is that?! I won't say any more cause I wouldn't want to spoil it, but I really think that would be cool if she did that for us. Just one of the many reasons to love DYAN REAVELEY!!!!!

Sadly though the day had to come to an end, like all good things do. It really was even more phenomenal that I could have ever dreamed of!! Dyan said she will come back next year and I think I will start counting the days and saving my pennies so I can do this all again!!!!!!!

Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!


  1. It was an awesome weekend! Will never forget.

  2. You were a pleasure to teach. So glad you had fun x