Tuesday 3 May 2016

So my crafty vacation continues. Today was a hellish and a good day all in one!  First I planned on heading out to my friend Cathy's place out in Leduc so she could teach me how to use a Geli Plate. Sounds easy, right? Well not when you don't know the city that well and you end up getting completely lost on the way there. Now, for most people, this woudn't be an issue. For me though, who has major panic attacks when they get lost, it wasn't good!! In the end, I got myself back to someplace I knew and Cathy came and got me and it was all good, but over all I should NOT have been driving today as the city seemed to have it in for me!!

But it all worked out in the end because not only did I get to hang out with Cathy and get some creating in, I got some shopping done too and added to my craft stash.

Then after some more crazy travelling mishaps - like getting stuck in rush hour traffic after YET AGAIN taking a different exit than I should have - I went over to Scrap Addicts and got to take the Graphic 45 class. Not only did I get to make a Mother's Day card, I made this cute little box that has coasters in it,  Was really fun and I love the final project!

Tomorrow I am going to go hang with my gal Kassandra and she is gonna teach me some art journalling classes!  So till next time, stay crafty my peeps.

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