Friday, 6 May 2016

So today I went to my first crop at Treasured Memories. I have shopped there lots of times, but have never been able to make a crop there - not sure why, the timing was always off I guess.

Well, the first day was a blast and I can't wait to go back and do it all again!!

First off, their crops usually have a theme and this months was the 50's! So Cathy and I went as Pink Ladies from Grease!!

One of the best parts about this? When I posted this picture to Facebook, one of my friend's comments was "OMG - you are Rizzo!"  Which of course was what I was going for so that rocked!! We didn't win the costume contest, but we did get honourable mentions, so that was cool.

Like most crops I have attended, one of the biggest things is the fab food. And of course Treasured didn't miss on this one. They actually gave us First, Second and Third Dessert! My husband asked if they thought they were Hobbits!! Lol

I did get some actual crafting done too. I finished the last of the stuff from the card/tag/layout kit that I started at the crop in La Crete. I only had the layout left and having such photogenic kids/grandson made it pretty easy. Having the layout pieces all cut out for me didn't hurt either! 

I also got another journal page done that was a LONG time coming!! I got this as a kit from my pal Dawn from THE INKED STAMPER and I have had it so long that I didn't have all the instructions for the kit, didn't bring all the right products, and didn't have a full picture of the page.  So I basically took what I had with me and what Dawn gave me in the kit and used her as inspiration and just came up with this for my end result. The top picture is the base of the page (just laying down texture and text and then gessoing over that). The second picture is the page after it was completed.  Pretty happy I have to say. And Dawn is pretty fabulous inspiration anyway so it wasn't hard!  I really love the end result I have to say.

So now I have to get to bed so that I can get up and start all over again tomorrow. So till then, stay crafty my peeps!

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