Monday 25 July 2016

I was supposed to be at a crop this weekend, but it ended up getting cancelled due to lack of attendance, so I decided to still craft anyway. I got quite a bit done too! 

Fist project I finished was a class kit I got from my pal Dawn Pritchard of The Inked Stamper! She taught this class in Edmonton at The Urban Scrapbook in Edmonton. Since I couldn't attend the class I got her to send me the kit. Really loved turning the plain white frame into the cool antique look that we got. And loved playing with the Deco Art Antiquing creams - ended up trying them on a couple different in progress works too to see how they work. 

Here are the stages of the frame that I did first:

And this is the final project

Of course, as usually happens with class kits that I do long distance, mine turned out slightly different - based on what she sent me and what I used of my own supplies. But I really LOVE the final result. And my husband liked that I used a picture from Dalhousie University - we visited her a few summers and he wanted to show me where he went to University. It was the perfect picture for this project!

I did more crafting too, but have to get at least some work done today, so will post more later! Till then, stay crafty my peeps!!

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