Friday 15 July 2016

So I haven't spent much time in my craft room this week, so don't really have much to show project wise on the blog, but I get asked A LOT where I get my inspiration from, so thought I would show some of the tutorials on YoyTube that I have saved and that have given me some of my ideas. 

Make sure to follow me on YouTube to see not only these and more videos, but to check out what I post as well. I am trying to do more of my own videos as well, so would love any feedback I could get!!

This is a video showing how to use the Luminarte Silks. These are a blast to play with!

And of course we know how much I love my Tim Holtz!

As people who follow me know, I like making mini albums. And most of my ideas for them just come from finding tutorials on YouTube. Here is one I really liked!

And of course, everyone knows how much I LOVE my Donna Downey. I have finished Inspiration Wednesday, and I am very SLOWLY making my way through IW2016. But I have also found some of her other videos on YouTube and they have inspired other journal pages and projects I have done. Here is a really good one I loved. I used the techniques in it to make a canvas for a gift for a friend.

These are just a few videos that have given me ideas, inspiration and tips for my art! Check out my YouTube channel to see others that I have shared and liked! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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