Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Didn't really do a whole lot of crafting last night - at one point I wasn't even sure I was gonna go down to my craft room. But I did and ended up doing the follow along card from Scrap Addicts. I decided to use the same Graphic 45 Ocean Blue paper that I am going to use for a Graphic 45 ATC swap that I am in - this way I have a matching card to send to my partner. It was fairly easy - though I messed up the first attempt. 

The happy mail I was expecting didn't arrive - but some I wasn't expecting yet did! I got a WHOLE BUNCH more gears and other steampunk stuff, as well as the new clamp iPhone/iPad holder I ordered.  A very nice surprise.

I played with it a bit trying to get it set up. I think I am going to have to do some juggling/moving things around, but I will be able to use it for sure.

My crafty pal Paula made some suggestions that my hubby should make me a stand to clamp it to that I can also set my laptop on, since we will likely be doing more of the zoom crops for the foreseable future! He said he could so that is a project for him. Not sure I am going to get to my craft room tonight, as I have actual work at my store to catch up on. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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