Friday 21 August 2020

More Crafting

I got a bit more crafting done last night - I finished another swap project. This one was a new one for me. I had to make things called Inchies and Twinchies. You had to make little art pieces that are 1 inch X 1 inch (Inchies) and then some that are 2 inch by 2 inch (Twinchies). I had a little bit of trouble figuring them out as they are so small, but I think I did ok. Hopefully my partner will like them!

While I was in my craft room, I did a bit more work on my Octopus canvas. 
I am really liking it so far.

I also got an absolutely AMAZING swap in the mail yesterday. My partner in the Oversize Tag swap with ReneaBouquets came and my partner TOTALLY SPOILED me!! I think this is one of the most phenomenal swaps I have ever gotten. And so funny that we both used the same paper line on our tags. Great minds think alike!!

I got quite a bit of happy mail today too. Scrappy Apple Scrapbooking Supplies brought in the new Dina Wakely sprays for me. A couple are still on the way but I love these new colours and can't wait to play with them all.

I had ordered some fun Moose stamps from a new company I found out of the UK called Hobby Art Stamps. I mean come on, they had MOOSE on them, I HAD to have them! LOL

Finally, I got another swap in the mail today. This time it was an altered match box. My partner made me a super cute one, as well as sending me lots of fun goodies. A good day to be me!!

I am just waiting for the work day to be over - even though I am not working that hard! And then I get to spend tonight and all day tomorrow crafting with my pals via ZOOM. Gonna be a fun weekend. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

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