Wednesday 19 August 2020

Well, doing a journal page a day this week didn't work as planned! I got home Monday and was just feeling super lazy so didn't go down to my craft room. I did last night though, and did get more work done on one journal page, but I didn't get it finished. I hope to finish it tonight, but this is what I got done so far.

I basically spenta ton of time in my craft room last night and got lots done, but nothing finished! I am in a swap where we have to make what is called inchies (1 X 1 inch squares) and twinchies (2 X 2 inch squares). I got them started, and think they will look cute when done.

I also did a bit of work on another canvas - put down the first layer of Stamperia tissue paper. I have a ton more ideas so hope it comes out like I want.

I am going to put these molds on the canvas, so added antique paste to them to make
them look aged. I kinda like the cracked look to the octopus too.

I also got some fun happy mail today - a surprise too. I sent some golf shoes to a Facebook pal and as a thank you she sent me this yummy jam! Nice surprise for sure.

I am hoping to finish my journal tonight, and maybe start another. And work on my canvas. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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