Friday, 13 October 2017

High Level Library 3rd Annual Croptacular Weekend - Day 1

So Friday has finally arrived and it is time for the festivities to begin!! And of course I was so swamped and running around like crazy I didn't get pictures of the hall when we were set up and waiting for all the attendees to arrive. But I did take a video so if you want to see what we had set up before the madness started, take a look at my Facebook page!

But we really did have a great turnout. We had 31 ladies attend and the fab gals from Treasured Memories (KC and Nicole) even came up all the way from Edmonton. I spent most of my time running around visiting and doing games and stuff so didn't get a lot of photos, but did manage to get some.

And we are off and running! These crazy crafty gals are a fun group!

Classes were pretty small this year but those that took them enjoyed them. Cathy taught they great gals a fun and easy layout. It is nice to see what you can do with just a few materials!

And we did our first round of musical chairs - scrapbook style. The ladies were really good sports and had a lot of fun - though I think it was more fun for those watching than those running around! LOL

So the first night was a lot of fun - even if it was a whirlwind! I will post more as the weekend goes by! Till then stay crafty my peeps!!

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