Friday, 20 October 2017

Well this week has been pretty slow - after the craziness of the croptacular weekend. Turns out my body thought I did too much and decided I should come down with a cold! In other words I have been sick as a dog and pretty much have done nothing all week!  But I did end the week with some nice happy mail. 

I signed up for a neat swap called a Circle Banner Swap. There were four of us and we each started by making two flags in a style of our choosing. Then we sent it on to the next person and when we got the one from the person sending to us we made two more flags in a style similar to the ones they sent. In the end you get your original two back along with 6 others in a similar style made by the other people. I got mine all back (though I still have two more to make for my person) and I just love them all. I did mine in a steampunk/vintage style and all the girls did a great job matching what I had done. 

And I even have it up in my craft room already!

So I hopefully will feel better enough this weekend to get some crafting done. So till next time - stay crafty my peeps!

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