Sunday, 15 October 2017

High Level Library 3rd Annual Croptacular Weekend - Day 3

So day three was pretty much for the die hards that just can't get enough of crating! And we actually had quite a few of them I must say. Of course we also had some that just had to stick around right to the bitter end!!

The die hard crafters! Of course most of these are the ones who traveled a fair distance to get to the crop, so it only makes sense that they stay the longest!

Of course Lisa and ShawnaLee are continuing their ongoing competition to see who can stay the longest! I think this year it was almost a tie between them.

Of course Heather had to out do them and stay even longer!

Despite how much running around I did all weekend, I did get some crafting accomplished, and not just the painting class I took. I did some of the make n'takes and got some of my own stuff done too.

This was one of the make n'takes. I am going to put a Christmas photo of the kids on it when Tonya takes them to get Santa pictures this year.

These were the other make n'takes that I did. They are all really cute - the bear one is my favourite I think. It is supposed to be for gift cards but I think I am gonna keep it for myself!

And I had time to do a couple easy layouts. I love how Jeffery can fall asleep anywhere!

Of course I had to do one of Octavia - and this one was pretty easy. I just accented the background paper because I liked it just the way it was!

And I got spoiled by my pal Jeannine. She won one of the major door prizes - a set of ATC's that my other crafty pal Candy Rosenberg donated. I told Jeannine that I had been hoping to win them and she gave them to me! She is awesome!!

I have to add to this a bit, but these are the ATC's Candy made - totally my style don't you think?!

And of course this was Amanda and I after everything was said and done! We were exhausted but I am pretty sure everyone had a really good time. And we raised almost $3500 for the library. So I think we can definitely say this crop was a success!

I am sure it is gonna take me a while to recover - not to mention I think I am coming down with a cold. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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