Friday, 9 February 2018


It is FINALLY HERE!!!!!! I am so excited that it has finally arrived (can you tell? LOL). I didn't have a tone of time to do this video (as I had a crop to go to this evening), but I had to wait all day to open it since I was so busy at work. But I just could not WAIT anymore and had to show you all the great goodies that I got. I love the discount we get, not to mention the freebie stuff that they included in the box. Check out what I got!

And I got to go through everything while at the crop, and it all so cool. Here are some pics of everything I got.

You have to make sure you check out Canvas Corp Brands - the store. Not to mention their Facebook page. And they also have other pages, like their 7 Gypsies Facebook page and their Tattered Angels Facebook page. And they have great stuff on Instagram and Pinterest too! I follow them and you should too!

I will be posting stuff as soon as I can - I CANNOT WAIT to play with all these goodies!! Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!!

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