Tuesday 20 February 2018


Well this has been a fun week. I am published yet again!! I got my copy of Creative Scrapbooker magazine and it turns out I am actually in the magazine THREE TIMES. How cool is that. I knew that my Selfie Fail layout would be in the magazine, but our group photo from the Croptacular back in October is in the magazine, as well as a Canadian layout I did while at Carnival. Pretty good for me I have to say.

Cover of the Spring 2018 Issue

My Carnival layout - my pal Cathy has her layout here in the magazine too.

Here is a close up of our Canadian layouts

And here is full view of the Canadian layout they used.

Here is our group photo from from the High Level Library Croptacular back in October

So exciting - my Selfie Fail layout has a quarter of the page!!!

Here is a close up in the magazine

And here is a full shot of the layout.

Have to say, pretty exciting to find myself in another magazine. And not only once but three separate times. This has been a pretty good week that is for sure. So till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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