Wednesday 7 February 2018

More happy mail for me this week! As I said before I have been doing a lot of swaps - especially ATC ones and they are all starting to arrive. They are all pretty cool I have to say!

This one is from Alice - who is in AUSTRIA!!

This one is from Claudine, who is in the USA

And this one, as well as the two below are from Naty Joe - and she is from FRANCE!!

It has been so much fun sending stuff all over the world - not to mention getting back some fun ATC's from all over the globe myself!!

And I got my ATC's from Zoe - the girl I sent the Alice In Wonderland one to in the UK. And get this - she sent me an Alice one too!! I love that we were so in sync without even discussing what we were going to be sending each other! Too cool!!

So far February has been a bit of a better crafty month for me! I am hoping to keep it up. Till next time, stay crafty my peeps!

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