Wednesday 6 January 2021

Ferris Wheel Project

My crafting over the Christmas break definately had a theme - getting caught up/finishing projects. I was FINALLY able to finish off the Kaisercraft Ferrish Wheel that I bought to make back in May of 2015!! Of course I wasn't working on it that whole time - but I did start it back in August of 2019 so it has still been a while in the making. I actually feels weird to have it done and not sitting in pieces on my craft table. I want to take some better photos in better light - it is too big to fit in my light photo box so will have to wait until the weekend where I can use my kitchen table and have better light (the disadvantage of living up in the middle of nowhere in the winter when it is dark from the time I go to work till I get home!) But I thought I would show some of the photos I did take over the last day or two when finishing it.

The first side went up easily, and all the animals sat nicely in the boxes.

Then it took both my husband and I both to get it put together. My arms were actually sore afterwards! It was NOT as easy as the video made it look, though I think that might be because it warped slightly after I had painted it.

Decided I needed my husband to help me screw it in place in a couple spots.
I wanted  to make sure it STAYED together!!!!

Then I added a bunch more paper to it. I wasn't sure when I should stop.
Decided I wanted a fair amount of the black with neon splatter to show.

Once I put the animals in place it didn't turn as easily - I think I should have had my niece make the animals just a bit smaller. But they are super cute, and since for the most part it will sit and not move I figure it isn't that big a deal.

Like I said, I am going to do better photos likely this weekend, and when I do I am going to do a whole post on how I put it together start to finish! Might end up using it as a design team application for Graphic 45 at some point. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps.

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