Saturday 9 January 2021

Graphic 45 Kaleidoscope Ferrish Wheel

Well it took me a pretty long time, but I FINALLY was able to finish the Kaisercraft Ferris Wheel that I bougt to make back in 2015. Yes you read that right, I bouth this kit back in May of 2015 from my crafty gals at Scrap Addicts with the idea of doing it in maybe a steampunk or Halloween style.

Of course I didn't make it right away and my ideas for it changed MANY times and I went through lots of ideas on what to do with it. But then Graphic 45 came out with the Kaleidoscope paper and I knew what I wanted to do. It took me until August 2019 to get to this point though. LOL! 

So here is how the project came together. First up, I painted all the pieces black. It was easier to spray paint them than anything else, so my floor took a bit of a beating. But they did look pretty cool after they were painted.

Once the black was dry, my next step was to add colour. Since the paper is so multi-coloured, I decided to give them a bit of a neon look. I used my irRESISTible Pico Embellishers in the neon colours I had. I took the tops off them and flicked the colours all over everything. I absolutely LOVEd the look that I got - couldn't have come out any more perfect!!

At this point, the project got put on hold for a while. Wasn't sure what I was going to do next. But then I had a conversation with my niece and she made me a whole bunch of cute little colorful animals in fun colours. They are adorable!

Once I got the animals, the next step was to put the seats of the ferris wheel together and get some paper on them. They look so cute and ready to ride the ferris wheel!!

At this point it was November of 2019 and this was some of the last work I did on the project for quite a while. No real reason why, just took me some time to get moving on it. Possibly because most of 2020 was so messed up and things were so upside down. But while home over the holiday break I got myself motivated to finish it up. So I put more paper on all the little boxes and then worked on getting the project together.

The first side whent together very easily, but then putting the other side up was REALLY difficult. I had to get help from my husband to do so. Took us awhile, but we did it.

I didn't want t to come apart, so my hubby also helped me secure it with some screws in a few strategic places. With how hard it was to put together I didn't want to take the chance of it coming apart!

Next step was to do more papering - I wanted to leave a fair amount of the neon splashes showing, but I also wanted to showcase the G45 Kaleidoscope paper. I think I came up with a happy medium.

After all this time, my ferris wheel is FINALLY DONE!! I think the weirdest part for me was seeing it all together as opposed to in pieces on my craft table. It took a few days to be able to get some better photos. It is just about 2 feet tall so doesn't fit in my photo box. I needed to take photos in the daylight so had to wait till the weekend to do that. I really love how it came out.

As I said in the video, with all the animals in it the wheel doesn't turn all that well. When giving my niece the necessary dimensions I forgot to tell her how tall to make them. So the giraffes and lions are a little too tall. I asked my niece if she could make me a few smaller ones. But everything is finally done. I totall love it I have to say.

Now it is off to get organized! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

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