Monday 1 February 2021

Crafty Weekend - Day 3

I ACTUALLY did one of the projects from the event this weekend! The first presenter did this cool faux wood technique that I decided to try for one of the layouts for my niece Taryn's graduation album. Was a bit of a process, as the first paper I picked to use for it was textured and just didn't give me the look that I wanted. But once I tried it on smooth paper I got a great result. Not sure I am going to do it that often as it was quite a process, but I do love how this one came out!

Then I was on a roll and did a couple more layouts - though didn't do any more of the techniques from the event. I watch the rest of the videos from the weekend, but did the layouts from my own brain. And I was able to use the strips I had cut for the faux wood project so didn't waste them. I sprayed them with my Dylusions Glimmer Sprays and I really love the result. I also still have one of the pages I sprayed on to use for another layout.

Now that the event is over I am going to go through all the files and figure out which projects I want to do. I was going to print them off, but realized that would be a whole lot of paper. So instead I am going to just save them on my laptop - since I can't see going anywhere other than my basement to crafty any time soon. I really enjoyed this Maker Mania - much more than the first one I have to say - so much so that I already signed up for the next Maker Mania, which will be in June. 

I should be able to get down to my craft room more this week - and I have a couple more swaps to do so that will give me inspiration. Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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