Monday 22 June 2020

Well my weekend was NOT what I had anticipated that is for sure. I knew I wasn't going to do any crafting on Friday and I didn't, but not for the reasons I thought. I ended up having a small accident at work and got hit in the face by one of my machines. Ended up having to have an emergency dental appointment. I am ok but it really messed with my weekend! We still did end up camping, but only stayed one day because we weren't sure the weather was going to hold up. By the end of the weekend I had actually done a whole bunch of crafting as we ended up at home and I needed to take my mind off my sore face!

I ended up getting the album for my niece pretty much DONE!! I only have ONE page left and I have to wait for some supplies I ordered to arrive so I can finish it. I actually looked back and counted and in the last 8 days I have done 27 layouts!! I surprised even myself with that number. So here is a look at everything I did over the weekend

Came up with the idea for this one on Thursday when doing the layouts I did that night,
but was too tired to finish it then, since it involved a LOT of fussy cutting. 
Happy with the end results.

My sister loved this one and thinks Madi will be thrilled with it!

Had to use llama paper for the llama shirt photo!

Used some of my newest products on this one

And this one is inspired by the AMAZING Nicole Wright!!

2020 wouldn't be complete without a COVID layout - especially since that is how both my 
nieces had to do school this last few months!

This is one of my sister's favourite photos of her and her girls.

Got to include a bumch of Madison's photos from her official graduation day.

Plus, her official grad photos arrived in time so that I can complete the last page!

The whole album is pretty thick, but it isn't actually even as thick as I thought it might be! It won't close per se, but standing up it isn't too wide open. I am beyond thrilled with how it all come out!!

All I have left now to do is one page - with the ballet photos from the brief time both girls were in lessons here in town. I was waiting for some specific products to arrive and most of them did today, so I might even finish the album today. Will see how the night goes. So until next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

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