Friday 19 March 2021

It is Crafty Weekend Time!!

I am SO excited for my craft weekend coming up - I REALLY want it to be 5:30 pm already that is for sure!! And to get me in the mood I got some great happy mail today! First up, I got my goodies from R& R Scrapbooking - it is ALL my friend ShawnaLee's fault that I ordered all this stuff!! LOL

Then, I have a friend who makes these cute little gnomes. I kept seeing sites on Facebook that sells them and I wanted to get a cute bee themed one for my niece. And then I saw some Easter ones and decided to get some as gifts for all my Shut-Ins crafty group. They came today and Cindy just knocked it out of the park! I can't wait to send them all to my buddies!!

I thought I would have some cards to show you from the card class I was signed up for last night, but I was having computer issues and I wasn't able to get into the Zoom meeting right away so I missed the beginning of the class. As a result I didn't end up making the cards - I will do them once they post the recorded replay. While I was watching the class though I did do some molds for a Steampunk swap I have in the works. I can't wait tosee how these come out!!

So now the countdown to the end of the day begins. Since I have all weekend to craft I will definately be posting more soon. So till then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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