Monday 15 March 2021

Rest of my Crafty Weekend

Well I still am working on ideas for my ATCs, but I did get a couple more projects done yesterday to cap off my weekend. I have made my husband a few canvases with photos of our kids, and he had one in his office that he wanted me to change. It has a photo of our son's family, but he is going through a divorce and having a photo of my son's ex in his office was buggin my husband. I wasn't able to easily change the photo like I had originally planned (I ended up just hanging the canvas somewhere we see it less often), so I told my husband I would make him a new canvas. Well, when looking for photos I found two I like and since I couldn't pick I decided to just make him two canvases. He loved them both so I think I did ok!

It is so fun to create when I have such great photos for inspiration! And when I couldn't get to sleep last night I came up with some ideas for my ATCs, so hopefully I can get them done in the next day or so. Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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