Friday 14 May 2021

Getting Crafty to Prep for the Weekend

So I thought I would get my crafty weekend started early - I wanted to finish working on that butterfly project from the Seth Apter class I started. Like I said, it didn't really cut the way I wanted, but I came up with a way to save it. I put it on a canvas that I had painted with black and then added in some black to make it look even. I liked how it came out even to that point!

I finihsed it off by adding flowers and some ephemera. I couldn't find a saying I liked so added some numbers (that represent my birthday!). I really love how it came out!! As they say, there are no mistakes in crafting, just opportunities to come up with something fabulous you didn't intend to!

The other project I worked on was the May ATCs for Dooreen's group. I had been thinking of what to do for a few days as the theme is Celebration and there are so many to choos from. I decided on May the 4th Be with You - as I am a huge Star Wars fan - and my AWESOME hubby helped me make my idea come to fruition!! I got it in my head I wanted little light sabres for my ATCs - and since we have a laser engraver for work my wonderful husband was able to cut them for me out of chipboard. They turned out PERFECT!!!!!!

The next step was to paint them, and again the plan came together perfectly. I wanted to use my neon irRESISTible pico embellishers for them and they came out exactly how I envisioned them. So cool when that happens!

I printed off at work some of the other stuff I need to finish the ATCs, so will likely work on that this weekend during the library crop. Now 5:30 just has to get here so I can go home and craft! Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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