Sunday, 2 May 2021

National Scrapbook Day Weekend - Day 2

Well like I said when I signed off yesterday, I started the day working on the first challenge that Scrap Addicts gave us for the crop - to use something out of our goodie box. I decided to use the iZink we got for a shaker card I needed to make for a swap. I was also able to use it for one of the TM challenges - to use scraps. I love when I can do a two for one and I loved how the card came out! Hopefully my partner likes it too!!

I also finished up the layout I started on Firday night, for another of the TM Challenges. This one was to use stripes and I ended up kinda doing it by accident. I wanted to use another of the die cuts we got in our goodie bags and was halfway through the project before I realized I was using stripes and could use it for the challenge!! I also now have another page done for my wedding album. You can't tell, but I didn't totally attach the guest book page as I wanted to be able to see the names on the back side. So I used the die cut as a place holder and the page lifts out of it. Quite clever if I do say so myself!!

Then I worked on the second challenge for Scrap Addicts - using one colour. I made a card all in white. I am not sure who I would send it to but I love it!

Up next were the first make n takes from each crop. For the SA crop we did a cute little gnome card. I decided to use different paper than the paper pack we got in our goodie bag - I am saving that for something else.  I think the paper I used worked though!

The TM Make N Take was a layout - I didn't like the headshot we got that much this month, so decided to use a different photo instead. One of the gals in the crop asked a few of us to send her a "Cheers" selfie so I used those photos and I love how my layout came out.

More challenges were next. I ended up doing the rest of the Treasured Memories ones to get them out of the way. Challenge 3 was to do something crooked, so I used the ephemera in our goodie bag to do a layout of Doug and I from one of our tropical vacations. I have a wall calendar that I used to get monthly kits for that has been empty since the company went under. The top part fits a 12 by 12 layout and I put one in there a while ago. But the bottom part is only 12 by 9 so I decided to do a layout that would fit in there. It came out great I think.

When 5 o'clock hit, we all got a drink and did a cheers all together. That was really fun. Another gal wanted us to all hold up our glasses die cut so she could use that photo as well. I loved this and hope they do it at all crops!

After the cheers I moved on to the next Make N Take from Scrap Addicts, and I think this might be my favourite one ever! We made a gnome! I called mine George!! 

I was in the mood to do more make n takes now, so did the last one for each crop. The SA one was a fun tag and the TM one was a cute card.

I finished off the day by doing the last of the TM challenges. I decided to do another page for my niece Taryn's grad album. It came out pretty great - the challenge was to use Rice or Tissue paper and I had a great one in my stash to use.

At this point it was getting late and I was trying to finish off a few more challenges. And even though I was registered for three crops, I really didn't do anything with the third one (The Papercrafters Workshop). I figure I can always go back to that one later. But I finished off the night by doing the 3rd challenge for SA - we were to make something using three things that started with the initial of our first name. I had a hard time figuring out what to do. Finding M things was easy but I didn't know what to make with them. I finally settled on Moose and marble and then got a great suggestion from a fellow cropper for the third on. I did motion! My card moves!!

I did work on a couple more projects, but they aren't done yet. I am hoping to get to them today, though I do have to go into work for awhile. Hopefully not for too long though. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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