Tuesday, 25 May 2021

May Long Weekend Adventures

So this weekend was more about camping and relaxing, but I did get some crafting in as well. We did our first camp of the season and we had a lot of fun! I also now have some great photos for the Glamping themed TM crop that is coming up next month. 

My hubby normally does most of the work while camping.

But I wanted to help, so I said I would make the fire on Saturday.

I was successful!! I made my first fire with next to no help. 
And on Sunday I made one with NO help from my hubby at all!!!

This is my new favourite treat for camping - strawberries with marshmallow fluff,
them you toast them over the fire. SO YUMMY!!!

Then there is my dog who thinks he is a lap dog - he is not! LOL!!

Or a human - can we say SPOILED!!

I of course could not go the whole weekend without doing some kind of crafting, so I brought a couple of my smaller diamond dot kits out with me. I actually got a fair amount done on the Spiderman one that is for my grandsone.

We also got out for our first round of golf of the season once we got back from camping.

We had fun but DAMN was it cold!!

After we got home from golfing, my hubby wanted to watch the hockey game, but with the Oilers on a losing streak and the game not going well I decided it was too depressing to watch the game so I was going to craft instead! I turned the alcohol ink backgrounds I worked on last week into cards, and also got around to doing one of the Maker Mania 2 layouts. I used it as another page for my nieces grad album.

So we have the grandkids this week, which means I won't have a ton of time in my craft room. But I have swaps I have to get done so I am sure I will get down there at least a bit. Till next time then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

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