Wednesday, 21 April 2021

FINALLY Art Journaling Again!!

So last night I was able to get back to art journaling, thanks to the fabulous gals at Scrap Addicts! Before Covid hit, Cori-Lyn did a monthly art journal class, but since I wasn't in the city I didn't get to do them that often. After a year of the pandemic and figuring out how to do classes on Zoom, she has started them up again and I am SO HAPPY because now I can participate in them!! It was SOOOOO FUN getting messy again with the gals! And I absolutely LOVE how the page came out!!

The ONLY downsize to not being with Cori-Lyn in person is I couldn't get her to do the quote for me in her awesome handwriting! LOL - so I had to come up with something else. But it works!

Cori-Lyn also gave me a great tip and helped me refresh my paint brushes. It worked great! I had three brushes that didn't quite come back, but for the rest they are all like new! Murphy's Oil Soap and Scrap Addicts for the win!

Now that I am back on the art journaling train, I might just head down to my craft room tonight and work on the Under the Sea themed one I started the other day. So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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