Tuesday 6 April 2021

Rest of my Crafty Weekend

So I was able to finish off my crafty weekend by getting my Altered Paper Bag swap done and all ready to  go into the mail. I love that it is going all the way to Pakistan. Shipping was a bit expensive, but I really didn't want to send it regular mail as that would have taken forever! I think my partner will like it all.

I also decided to start the next of my Diamond Dots going. I picked one of the cute ones that I think I will hang up in my store. I got a good start on it for sure.

I was planning to do the prep for the Byrd's Nest crop, but I didn't really get very far, as I got two more swap partners assigned yesterday. I did get a little done though - I did the first part of the prep for the Altered Canvas class. I did the painting and the crackle as they needed to dry!

The two new swaps I got were an Altered Puzzle Piece swap and a Tags on a Ring swap, so I started them. Not sure where they are going to end up but I got a good start I would say.

I started the puzzle pieces by adding paper to them. No idea what to do next though!

And I started the Tags on a Ring swap by adding tissue to some tags.
Again, no idea where I am going next!

When working on these tags I had some tissue left that I didn't feel like putting away, so I added it to a canvas that I already prepped. Should be interesting as I also added texture crackle paste to it. Going to be fun to see how it looks when dry.

So I do hope to get down to my craft room more this week - and I have two crops coming up this weekend, so it will be an interesting week. I also am really busy at work so I will be on the go full tilt! Till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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