Tuesday 27 April 2021

SOOOOOO Much Happy Mail!!

So yesterday was a bit of a rollercoaster day for me - I was excited at first as we are getting a new embroidery machine for the store. And then I was down as my employee (who also drives a bus) has to self isolate as one of her kids on the bus tested positive. I should be fine as I am a third contact, but now I have to wait to see if she tests positive. Very nerve wracking for sure. But I got LOTS of happy mail so that made me feel better! Check out all my goodies!

A couple more goodies from Byrd's Nest that I had to get after the crop!

Then there are ALL the goodies from Scrap Addicts! 

It is gonna be hard to NOT open the crop goodie bag before the weekend for sure!!

I DID open my goodies for the Seth Apter class though - and they are AWESOME!!

I also got the surprise Hot Box from Emerald Creek that I ordered. 
It was a VERY nice surprise! All stuff I will use and only one thing I already had, 
which I can now donate as a prize for the upcoming library crop 
(along with some of the paper that isn't really my style!)

I spent most of the night working on the bears for the library crop (in between looking after my grandkids, which I didn't expect!) - luckily I have time and the group isn't too large. But 15 bears is A LOT!! LOL

So I have a card class tonight, as well as a canvas class on Thursday. And THREE (possibly 4) National Scrapbook Day crops this weekend! So I will DEFINITELY have more to share! Till then, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!!

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