Monday 19 April 2021

Very Productive Weekend

Since I didn't want to leave my house this weekend - since I got my COVID vaccine and I wanted to be a hermit - I spent the whole time in my craft room and I got LOTS done! I didn't end up doing what I originally planned, but I got a whole bunch more pages done for my younger nieces grad album. I love how it is coming along - only 15 pages left now and still two whole months to finish!

This one I had to change the title - I had originally put So Beautiful, but then when I put it into
the actual album I realized the title on the page opposite was Beautiful. So new title it was!

This one was inspired by a page my crafty pal Kassandra did for Treasured Memories - I saw
it at the store almost last fall and it took me till this weekend to finally do it. This is
the inspiration page Kassandra did that I lifted from.

I also got a couple other projects started. I have an art journal class tomorrow and one of the elements is the Arthur Colourize die. I got himwell over a year ago and this weekend was the first time I actually got around to making him. I didn't have the shades of purple that I really wanted to use, so I did shades of brown instead. I still really like him though.

Then since I was making Colourize dies, I decided to make one of my new ones - Bernice the Hippo! She is stinking cute!

I also had the idea to do a journal page with the sea themed Colourize dies I have. I didn't get them made, but I did get the background for the journal page done. Not quite what I had envisioned, but it will work for sure!

And I made a birthday card for my mom using some of the new items I got on Friday. Hopefully she likes it. Of course she will likely prefer the money in it to the card, but I had to make her one! And I had to make it a shaker card too!

I finished off my crafty day by doing a bit more of my diamond dot canvas. Don't know why, but I have ended up doing this canvas one colour at a time. I think I like it better as I don't have to concentrate so hard on what colour I am doing. It is coming along nicely for sure. And fairly fast too.

I DEFINATELY plan to go down to my craft room tonight, as I had a hellish day and I need some crafty therapy for sure. I got some great happy mail so that will certainly help! So till next time, stay safe and stay crafty my peeps!

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